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9-in-1 Multi-Function Easy Food Chopper

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With the highly unique and innovative Multiprepper, you'll be able to experience better and faster healthy home cooked meals. The Multiprepper comes with 5 different attachments to help you slice, dice, cut, and grind your vegetables just the way you like them.

What's more, the Multiprepper comes with a hand-guard that makes using it safer and easier. Simply stick the prongs into the vegetable of your choice for a stable fit by pushing down on the top. Now you're all set to use the Multiprepper without any worries!

Before or after, easily wash your vegetables and strain them with our built-in strainer design. It makes prep and clean-up THAT much easier.

A single Multi prepper purchase comes with ALL of the parts and attachments you need:

  • Paste attachment
  • Slice attachment
  • Thin strip attachment
  • Thick strip attachment
  • Crinkle cut attachment
  • Strainer
  • Hand guard
  • Outer container