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(Pre-Christmas sales🎅🎅)Creative touch honeycomb stitching wall light


Life starts from home

The literary and minimalist Nordic style is the slow life you desire.



Romantic light and shadow

The atmosphere creates and ignites every extraordinary day.


Wireless stitching, enjoy DIY

6-sided extension, creating like an artist.




Add an infinite number of tile packs to your setup to have a touch sensitive lighting for a truly dynamic lighting solution that is specific to each and every environment.



3.5cm thick, no dark areas on the surface. Purely right-angled, the edges are rigorously polished, just for seamless stitching.



Mild light without glare

A good lamp is also a way to heal yourself.



Dynamic art light that illuminates the path you touch.Transform any surface into a unique canvas for illumination using your modular lighting system that lights up with a simple stroke of your hand as the brush.


Match your mood

Custom lighting levels to meet your needs as much.Available in warm and cool white. Warm for cosy rooms such as lounge, bedrooms, and Cool for workspaces, kitchens, offices.

No wall punching required, easy installation

Does not damage the wall, and does not cause colloidal stains to stick to the surface of the object.Supplied with removable sticky pads, you are free to create any shape with our powerful magnetic mounting system that allows you to freely move and customize your lighting setup to match any mood or vibe.