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(50% OFF)Intelligent sweeping robot with quick charge and deep cleaning

Color: White


Intelligent navigation: LDS + SLAM

In contrast to the average robot, this robot is equipped with LDS (Laser Navigation) and SLAM (Dual Smart Mapping and Navigation System). The sweeping robot can learn and record your entire home and create an effective cleaning plan that takes room size, objects and floor type into account.

Intelligent sensors

With several intelligent sensors, the robot easily circumvents obstacles and easily copes with different floors. If it hits something, the ultra-soft bumper protects it from damage. And then the sensors tell the robot where to find a clear path.

cliff sensors

The sensors help the robot to recognize edges and height differences so that the stairs or falls from a height can be avoided.

wall sensors

The robot can move very precisely along walls and around objects, not touching them, so that the space remains clean and clear for a long time.

2000Pa Strong and diverse modes system

Carpet, Quiet, Mopping, Balancing, Turbo & Max Mode. It is possible to switch flexibly between different modes in order to meet the requirements of different floor types. You can enjoy your cleaning time.

Synchronous sweeping and wiping

The sweeping system was developed to increase the use of wind energy and to pull all the dust into the dust container without leaving anything.

The wiping system prevents hemming and leaves no streaks of water and water stains at rest.

Work once, clean thoroughly.

Advanced climbing skills

Cross obstacles or thresholds with a maximum height of 2 cm. It doesn't have to be moved to another location or room.



A special mode automatically recognizes the carpet and switches to the maximum suction power to clean it. As soon as the robot leaves the carpet, it returns to the previous suction.

Your entire apartment is cleaned with one charge

With its built-in 5200 mAh lithium battery, this robot can cover an area of up to 250 square meters and offers a cleaning performance of up to 150 minutes without interruption. Unlike other robots that constantly have to return to charging, this robot can clean your entire house with a single charge.

Intelligent APP control

Use the app to plan, save maps, set off zones, zone cleaning, partial cleaning, direction control, real-time monitoring and customization.

Compatible with Android or iOS.

Alexa voice control support.

Whisper quiet

With less than 65 decibels, the sweeping robot is one of the quietest sweeping robots on the market. Its whisper-quiet sound means that it does not interfere with the movie night or the learning time. It works quietly in the background and keeps your home clean and calm.