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Color: white
Designed as a capsule, this juicer is convenient and eye-catching while being the best Portable Mini Fruit Juicer on the market. You will love it as soon as you see it. It's sleek and light weight design can be brought to any occasion and also be charged when on the go. 


- Small Size

77mm diameter and 178mm tall, this juicer is almost the same size as a 5.0-inch smartphone, and does not take too much space.

- Light-weight And Portable

Only 360g weight, light to carry, and even a 4-year little kid can lift it via the silicone handle strap. 

- Powerful Juicing Function

4-blade powerful juicing performance makes juice, milkshake, sorbet and baby food in a quick and fresh way.

- Rechargeable Battery

The juicer can be charged via a power bank or a car charger, so you can make juice any time you want.

- Easy Operation

Put ingredients in and click, and then wait for the fresh juice.

- Safe Material

Eco-friendly PC material is the same grade as baby bottles. It is safe and harmless to your health.

1. How many cups of juice can I make?
You can make 6 cups when the juicer is fully charged. Please note that the working environment may affect performance.
2. Can I wash the juicer after using it?
Yes, of course. The juicer is designed with a washable body.
3. I am worried about leakage when I put in in my bag. Is it leak-proof?
Yes. The juicer bottle is sealed and leak-proof.

Package Includes :

1 x Juicer 

1 x USB Cable
1 x Brush